Mechanical Products

Mechanical components known as shells of electronic boards and motors can simply affect the Accuracy and delicacy of this equipment’s performance. Uzita Company, with sufficient knowledge, has been able to make significant progress in the manufacture and design of mechanical products. Digital lock bodies, electric curtain components, etc. are all items that the Uzita team has succeeded in designing and producing. It is undeniable that the unremitting efforts will further nurture the capabilities of the Uzita team in this field and will accelerate the achievement of the next goals.

موتور پرده برقی

Uzita electric curtain motor

Electric curtain is one of the most widely used equipment in building intelligence. Types of boards play an essential role in controlling motors and mechanical equipment. Electric motor and curtain rails are the main components of this product, all of which can be coordinated by the electric curtain board. The control board of Uzita electric curtain motor can be provided according to the type of curtain and common needs with various powers. In addition, it has the ability to coordinate with smart home components for remote control and define different scenarios.