Electronic Products

Electronics can be considered as one of the most effective factors in automation development. Adding electronic segments to the simplest equipment can play an important role in reducing costs and energy consumption. 12 years of experience in studying and manufacturing electronic equipment has made Uzita able to achieve the technology of manufacturing various control boards such as display board, gate control board, smart curtain board, relay box, DC motor control board, etc. What is undeniable is the ability of the Uzita team to design and implement control boards for various furtherer purposes.

Uzita Swing Gate Control Board

Control boards as one of the main components of parking swing gates control the operation of motors. Automatic control of doors parking in different Iranian and foreign brands is done by swing gate control boards. Adjusting the operating time of each lot, connecting electric locks, etc. are among the series of features considered by nowadays gate control boards. Uzita U10 swing gate control board is ready to be offered to the market by having the ability to coordinate with various types of Iranian and foreign door jacks. Automatic learning, remote control, programming capability, direct connection of electric lock and equipment are the prominent features of this control circuit.

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درایور موتور یوزیتا

Uzita AC and DC motor drivers

AC and DC motors are widely used in industry and everyday life. These motors are started and controlled using motor drivers (control boards). It is not possible to control the speed of motors, rotation direction, etc. directly through microcontrollers; As it can easily damage them. Uzita motor drivers have the ability to start and adjust the speed and rotation direction of all motor types such as DC motors with and without brushes, servo motors, stepper motors, and AC motors. Uzita engine drivers are used in domestic, industrial, and semi-industrial applications and play an important role in automation.

Uzita smart TV board

The TV board is a central processor that, as the main component of the TV, is responsible for controlling and coordinating it. The TV board consists of various components for controlling, storing and managing information such as audio and video. Smart TV board in addition to common features such as USB port, HDMI, receiver; also has an internet connection module. In fact, this device significantly enhances the TV user interface. Uzita 32-inch smart TV board is ready to be offered to the market with various capabilities at the best price and highest quality. It should be noted that the Uzita smart TV board is compatible with Squenda software.

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Uzita electric curtain motor

Electric curtain is one of the most widely used equipment in building intelligence. Types of boards play an essential role in controlling motors and mechanical equipment. Electric motor and curtain rails are the main components of this product, all of which can be coordinated by the electric curtain board. The control board of Uzita electric curtain motor can be provided according to the type of curtain and common needs with various powers. In addition, it has the ability to coordinate with smart home components for remote control and define different scenarios.